Napili 4-5 Desilting Basin

Muddy Storm Runoff - January 2011Sand Cliff - January 2011Waterfall from culvert under bridge - January 2011Grassed waterway filters storm runoff - January 2011Grassed waterway helps clear bay - January 2011Cement Pour - August 2011New outlet valve in place - December 2011Kuhu Kukahiko Blessing Project - September 2011No Muddy Runoff at Napili After Heavy Storm - January 2015

With the goal of stopping the damage done by repeated 'uncontrolled' storm runoff at the south end of Napili Bay, we focused on repairs to the desilting basin. 


  • Designed (donated by NRCS) and installed a tri-level outlet valve on the desilting basin

  • Installed a grassed waterway (NRCS & MCDPW) to slow and filter runoff from basin

  • Installed two outdoor educational signs

    • "Respecting Coral Reefs" 

    • "Malama Kahawai" (original design) 

  • Project completed and blessed, Fall 2011


  • Silt and debris deposits have damaged our reef after heavy rainfall events 

  • Storm runoff was not retained in the basin to settle out


  • No new stormwater runoff from basin into Napili Bay since January 2012!