Napili Kahawai Restoration

Overgrown streambed before - March 2014View from South Bank - March 2014Kahawai cleanup underway - March 2014Cleared and ready for plants - March 2014Joe, jute & new plants - May 2014Workday at Napili Kahawai - December 2015By end of workday - July 2016Young conservationist at Workday - August 2016


  • Ephemeral stream "Napili Kahawai" = Napili Stream
  • 2014 focus was on restoration of streambed flora
  • Removal of non-native/woody plants, accomplished (Q2, 2014)
  • >250 native plantings done


  • For more than 20 years, the streambed and banks have been damaged by heavy storm runoff
  • Non-native plants and bare eroded areas contribute to further erosion 
  • Goal of stream restoration is to slow and filter runoff, and better protect the health of our bay and its reef life


  • Ongoing periodic volunteer workdays and regular weekly maintenance continues restoration